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Ways to Get Your Blog Posts Read


You write a blog post with all zest and efforts and publish it on your blog. But after a few days you see only a mediocre amount of visits on your blog, which is obviously heartbreaking. In addition, it so happens that those who visit a blog often skim through the posts instead of reading them. This is one harsh ... Read More »

Airdroid Can Be Very Helpful


 I do not consider myself techie. I do not even install apps that I think are not that important or useful. Well, apart from playing online and facebook casino games at Win.com, I just maximize the use of my smartphone when I need directions to where I will go, when I surf the net and check my social network accounts, ... Read More »

iOS 7.1.1 Now Labels Apps with ‘In-App Purchases’ in Top Charts and Featured Sections


iOS 7.1.1, released  earlier today, Apple has fulfilled some minor changes to the iOS App Store to make it more clear which apps offer in app purchases. Apple has delivered an “Offers In-App Purchases” release on individual app detail pages since March of 2013, but now the App Store has been modernize to include a small “In-App Purchases” report for ... Read More »

For your car ios app driving curve is fitness tracker


The iOS app Driving Curve is a simple way to track your driving performance while not having to fiddle with extra devices.Some high-profile driving apps, like a Y Combinator alum, Techstars-backed Dash and Automatic offer their own hardware to attach with smartphones. Different use a Bluetooth-enabled on-board devices (OBD) that plugs in to an adapter under the steering wheel. Driving Curve, on the other hand, is supposed as easy alternative for those who are interested in their driving performance, however don’t need to cope with an OBD or a more difficult set of features simply yet. To use the app you simplypress ... Read More »

All the need—to-know to start your day for iphone through morning app

alarm app

When you come to life in the morning, there’s a good chance that one among the first stuff you do is pick up your phone and check texts, emails, the news, weather etc.  With that in mind, the Morning is a minimalist morning assistant that tells you the date, time, weather and calendar events, to not mention a snap of the news and stock market information. And it’s a very stunning app in addition. The lowdown The main screen consists of multiple tiles, every of which ... Read More »

Protect yourself from ‘heartbleed’ bug on android with heartbleed detector


This past Monday can go down within the history of the internet forever, since that was the day once the world came to understand of the existence of the crucial security flaw within the OpenSSL library – a bug that allowed attackers to take advantage of any secure system and collect up to 64k of otherwise-considered-secure data from any server using the vulnerable SSL protocol; a bug that was dubbed Heartbleed. The fix was released and virtually the entire net has patched its ... Read More »

How to speed up your ios 7 on paid and iphone without jailbreaking

iphone apps

These handy tips can serve you well even if you’re jailbroken and proves that you simply will enhance the functionality of handset in a tweak-free manner if you want. Disable parallax and Blur features As part of the visual overhaul within the latest edition of iOS , Apple introduced some fanciful new effects and whereas they bring a precise air finesse, they are doingan arguably spare strain on your device, that might slow things down.As such, you’ll want to disable parallax, and whereas there was no approach of explicitly snubbing it on iOS7.0.X, the most recent iOS 7.1 update brings a ... Read More »

From ‘unofficial’ source install whatsapp and other apps on nokia x

nokia x

It’s well known currently that Nokia’s new not-quite-Android budget smartphone, the Nokia X, is absolutely capable of running a large variety of android apps, even those who are not offered in Nokia’s own store app. But it is also pretty simple to find and install thisapp. Go through an easy tutorial therefore you’ll be able to make the most of this too. Because of competition with the Windows Phone and the limitations of the AOSP (Android Open supply Project) fork which Nokia created for ... Read More »

The Carousel app for android and iphone released: a hub for all your video and photos

Carousel app

It’s been a busy day for Dropbox by all accounts with the cloud storage company having earlier on released a Mailbox app (android version) it took for $100 million last year. Underlining its intention to combine with the main players in mobile space, Dropbox released a new picture and image gallery app known as Carousel for each android and iOS, that makes it terribly simple for users to share their memories with friends and family. Thanks to the medium of email, it’s simple straightforward to share ... Read More »

One of the best app mailbox now available for android


Mailbox, an app developed by the cloud storage service Dropbox to provide relief to those burdened by their email is now on android. The app has been exclusive to Apple’s iPad and iPhone since its launch. Today, it landed within the Google Play store. The OS X desktop app for Mac canpresently go live however can initially be restricted to beta users. Mailbox on android appears and works essentially identical as its iOS counterpart. You’ll be able toconnecting the app to a Gmail or iCloud account (currently, no alternative email ... Read More »

Here’s how to protect yourself from major heartbleed bug can leak your passwords


If you’re a web junkie then the probabilities are high that you’ve stumble upon the Heartbleed OpenSSL bug that rose to prominence on Monday. variety of very well-liked and often visited websites like NASA, Pinterest, StackOverflow, OKCupid and Airbnb have the OpenSSL cryptographic library embedded into their architecture and thus became instantly prone to the bug. Heartbleed was at first discovered by a Google security engineer however what will it mean for you and your web usage? OpenSSL is basically an open-sourced library that implements the options of SSL/TLS that effectively create the internet secure. Attributable to its open-source nature, OpenSSL is that ... Read More »

Easy Transfer your data from windows xp to a new pc

windows xp

Using Flash drive or external hard drive The most easy way to transfer your information to a new pc is by manually moving it from one computer to the next using removable physical storage, sort of a flash drive or external USB drive. The presentchoice is you simply dont ought to transfer any software or undergo any special steps. Simply plug your external drive into your recent pc, drag your files over, then plug it into the new pc and drag the files back. External storage has gotten quite cheap. You’ll be able to get a reliable, brand 500GB external hard ... Read More »

In windows 8.1 how to force skydrive to store your folder or files on your hard drive


What Is SkyDrive? If you haven’t been keeping track, SkyDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage service. Just like the well-known Dropbox service, Drive permits you to store your files online. They’re connected to your Microsoft account and might be synced across your computer, downloaded via an online browser and get with mobile apps on tab and smartphones yes, Microsoft offers Drive apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. New Microsoft accounts get ... Read More »

Captain America winter soldier game download for iOS and android

Captain America

Gameloft has released its abundant talked mobile game the Captain America: The Winter Soldier, for android and iOS through the Google Play store and Apple iTunes App Store. Still the game isn’t however listed on the Windows Phone Store, although it had been declared for the platform. Captain America: The Winter Soldier has arrived days before the release of its film version. Last month, once the teaser video of the game app was revealed by Gameloft, we tend to assumed it might arrive alongside the film on April 4. The game ... Read More »

Get the cool knock-to-lock feature on your android device

android device

The new HTC One M8, LG’s G2 and G Flex handsets, all include a great feature permitting you to lock a tool by merely tapping on an exact space of the display. Now, a new app released over at the Google Play Store offers one thing like people who don’t happen to be in ownership of the handsets and then if you are yearning for a cool new feature however don’t desire ponying up for new hardware, you will wish to present this small utility a strive. It’s referred to as Knock Lock and because the name implies, permits you to lock your device by merely ... Read More »

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