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Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 soon to release

After is success in Galaxy series of Smartphone, the Samsung is all set to enter the market battle with Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 by February. This Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 inch tablet will be out in market by November of coming year as per reports. According to latest , reports the Samsung’s Note pro has also cleared FCC and soon coming with its release date and unique name to make identity.

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 300x150 Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 soon to release

After its Galaxy’s product, surely users will be expecting more and more with this product. While some sources reveals that this product will match its look with iPad , but the size of Note Pro will be a bit more larger than iPad. If this news turns out to be in real, then this Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 will all the way giving a very tough fight to Apple in technology market, this year? As two manufacture biggies will be facing with their most awaited products.

The 12.2 stands for the inch of the Galaxy Note pro, as per the Korean site, Seeko. They claim that Samsung is about to come up with 12.2-inch of Note Pro and also another product called Galaxy Tab Pro which will be 10-inch in size. If this news is accurate, then according to them all the models set to release will have AMOLED panel of Samsung.

According to some reports, the release date is expected by January of coming year, while other sources claims that the release will not take place until mid of February or so. The Note Pro 12.2, will have high quality of resolution 2,560 X 1,600 pixel resolution and powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 quad core processor. This will have 3-GB of RAM space.

The Note-Pro will have android 4.4 KitKat versions and will be available with S-Pen stylus. The Note Pro will be having 9,500 mAH battery to power up the device for whole day long. Some news also suggest that, the device will be also available in two different sizes. It will also have good quality of camera to capture great images.

The Note Pro is expected to come with two sizes like 8.4 and 10.1-inch. This will have 16-gB of storage space and 5-megapixel of rear camera. After such leaks, all Samsung lovers are waiting for this Note Pro to release in Market. Hope this Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, will soon be launched and released globally.

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