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iPhone 4S Bugs List

As you all knows iPhone 4S now available for almost 30 countries, peoples giving lots of love to iPhone 4S by buying in huge quantity. Very first day of Pre-Order iPhone 4S has been sold out with in 24 hours. And day by day it’s popularity increasing.

Well the iPhone 4S is different from other smart phone, there are lots of features which dose not have any smart phone, that is the reason people more attracting iPhone 4S. Then also some people have complaint about iPhone 4S which is related to it’s battery life and many things which are mention as following;

screenshot.18 iPhone 4S Bugs List

  • Siri Security Flaw
  • Siri Can not connect to Network
  • Mute Button Relocation
  • Short Battery Life
  • Yellowgate
  • iOS 5 Error 3200
  • Calendar and personal information simply by speaking into it and activating Siri without a passcode
  • Problem with iCloud Download & Upgrade

This all are the problem face by general iPhone 4S Users, we hope Apple will fix very soon all the above Problems and Bugs. If you have any problem with i[phone 4S and which is not mention in the above list then you can comment on the box we will add your problem letter.

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  1. - Synch over Cloud mixes contacts, so that photos one contact is linked to another. Some contacts are duplicated.
    - WiFi and 3G network sometimes seem to be availible but loading does not work at all. Onkly resetting the phone helps (once a day)
    - One time my email password was rejected (password wrong) by the server while trying to receive mails. I tried several times with same result. After switching off/on the phone it worked again
    - Siri (german language) cannot make apointments with some of my contacts. With others it works fine. The error is “there is something wrong”

  2. iPhone 4S bug:
    The global search feature (when sliding to left most screen) has a mind of its own and decides if and when it wants to respond. One minute I start to enter text and a list of possible results appears. A few minutes later I type the same thing and nothing happens. This is very frustrating as I am trying to use the global search to offset a huge (IMHO) missing feature found on many other phones, which is to be able to start typing a name or number on the keypad and having any possible results start to filter.

  3. I have the same problem suddenly global search stop working, it was working fine for me on ios5 with the 3GS . let me know if you find a solution.

  4. Music and videos deleted themselves while I was listening to music. Starting notice extremely slow connection speeds to Verizon 3G. Also, my wifi will show connected, but not work on phone, but does throughout the rest of my home. This phone may be faster on paper, but I am considering returning for my original iPhone 4 back. This phone is a piece of shit.

  5. For the most part, my phone has been fine, but I got the most recent update, and when I lock my phone sometimes, the lock screen zooms way in and you can’t really move the screen, if you do manage to move the screen, that’s how you can power down to fix it, but most of the time you can’t move it to the top so you have to wait for the phone to die.

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