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iOS 5 Bugs list

images3 iOS 5 Bugs list

Guys here we have some serious issues on iOS 5, because of many iDevices users facing many problems as our research there are lots of people facing problems using iOS 5. According to MacRumors Forum many members share their problems on iOS 5. There are many bugs facing users like Photo Apps Delete problem, Calendar app can not save data, Wallpaper Folder shows empty on iPad. Where iPhone Users also facing many bugs on iOS 5. Check following bugs comes out from iOS 5.

iOS 5 Bugs list:

  • Photo Apps Delete Problem
  • Calendar App can not save new calendar entries.
  • Wallpaper Folder Shows Empty
  • Music app is all over the place sticks and jumps about a lot, plays next song with last songs title freezes too.
  • If you set banner notifications on for mail, and lock the screen, if you receive a mail the whole iPad freezes up with a black screen need to reboot.
  • Most things not syncing to iCloud yet.
  • Can’t edit email data associated with iCloud
  • Seems to be an issue with app updates,don’t show properly in app store app.
  • Backup to iCloud seems to take forever
  • Brightness Problem
  • Still glitchy scrolling in UIWebView-based apps
  • No anti-aliasing in 2x iPhone emulation mode
  • No Audio Resume

All the above Bugs Faced by MacRumor Forum Members, who shares all their problem while using iPhone,iPad running iOS 5 Firmware. We hope that Apple work on that and solve the all the issues.

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  1. can’t searching sms list for specific name

    can’t run some application

    don’t have picture location map in photos

    wallpaper is empty


  2. I have a dev license and an iPhone 4 gsm model. It is my primary phone and I would like to try out iOS 5. Do you think the bugs are too much to have on my phone that is for daily use?

  3. The main bug I’m having so far is that my MobileMe calendars aren’t displaying properly. In MobileMe I have 2 calendars – one main work one, and a secondary one for family stuff. The main (default) one isn’t showing any events on the iOS5 although MobileMe is still displaying them on my other devices/web etc.

    On a GSM iPhone4 by the way

  4. No, you can try it same me i use it now the bugs are low level i hope enjoy it!!

  5. Please tell me your problem and bugs after instal it thank you.

    • Well I made the plunge and loaded iOS 5 beta. So far I haven’t seen any serious bugs. My 3G today started to act up and this is day 2 mind you. I think it has to do with Att network being fuzzy on east coast states. One major issue so far but not serious battery life is down from my 30-36 hours of medium to high use to about 20-24 hours of medium to heavy use. I have only had facebook crash on me once and both netflix and crackle do not work, but knew that going in. Also the only notifications I can have successfully be pushed to my notification center is email, phone calls, voice mails and texts. The other options for Facebook and other info apps doesn’t seem to post at all but settings are on. I will keep you updated as I go further. But overall it’s a slick new os even though the changes were small they were nice.

  6. Problems i have got on my Iphone 4 – iOS 5 and itunes 10.5 beta is:

    * 24 hour clock is turned on but when its pm it shows like 02:40 pm at day instead of 14:40.
    * Some of the Apps turns off automatically after starting them.
    * Background doesnt show in setting but in camera it shows.
    * Alarm clock problem, doesnt show 24 hours time.
    * Music doesnt sync well.
    * Itunes 10.5 beta doesnt sync all the music to iphone.
    * Itunes 10.5 beta shows comments off singer instead of playlist which is on my iphone.
    * After i take picture in HDR some of pictures shows black in Picture gallery
    * Facebook turns off right after i start it and same problem is with twitter sometimes.

    Some have noticed same problems as me??

    • * After i take picture in HDR some of pictures shows black in Picture gallery

      I have this problem too. Can you now how fix my photo?

    • I have the 24 hour clock bug in alarms too. Even though I have 24 hour clock set up, the alarms (and calendar) time selectors only show 1-12 and you have to GUESS whether you’ve chosen AM or PM.

  7. My volume won’t turn down, it shows that it’s down but it’s always the same level.

    Facebook won’t work properly, won’t let me post comments.

    No wallpapers in the settings -background.

    Can’t think of much else at the moment. I do like all the new features though.

    iPhone 4 gsm

  8. Nice List of Bugs.. thanks for the Update

  9. So should we have to update our ios or not?

  10. Thanks for the update.. keep update like this.. we are really good to read this..

  11. nice update.. good work

  12. Hi,

    I noticed the alarm clock bug too. Actually, you need to scroll up again if you want to set it to morning and vica versa. :/ This is the first bug for me on iPhone 4 gsm

  13. Hi! list of bugs I’ve at iPhone 3GS:

    - Wi-Fi sometimes go off (even it’s on at settings) and doesn’t recognize network wich takes me to restart the iPhone
    - Scroll tick works weird, it doesn’t sound until stop scrolling (at scroll input like the hour select on clock app)
    - Reminders at location doesn’t work (neither current location and contact location)

    Well, that’s all for now :P


  14. Phone reacts laggy. Photo and Camera are so unstable , getting crash frequently. Sometime it take a very long time switch on camera app. Photo thumbnails display incorrect in photo app sometimes. No location map in photo app. And I feel the camera doesn’t focus well when you take pictures sometimes(minor difference to ios4). Really looking forward to the release of beta 2, hope Apple can at least smooth the user experience by that time.

  15. No more phone !!!
    And a mess in the organization of the files.

  16. Anyone have the issue where the music in folders is in one order in iTunes and in a different order on the iPod?

  17. any apps connected to pics (photo, camera, Facebook, background, mms) – doesn’t work at all. i run settings – background – it returns me back to home screen

    music list is transparent and doesn’t play

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