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How to Turning On or Off Google Nexus S

If you bought Android 2.3 Google Nexus S phone and you are facing problem on Turning on or off phone,then don’t worry follow our instructions and steps.

screenshot.6 How to Turning On or Off Google Nexus SStep 1:Turn on the phone

  • Press the Power button for a few seconds, until the screen illuminates.
  • The first time you turn on the phone, you’re welcomed to Android and prompted to sign into your Google Account.
  • When you turn on the phone, you may be prompted to enter a personal identification number (PIN) for your SIM card.

Step 2:Unblock SIM:

  • If you enter the wrong SIM-unlock PIN three times, the SIM card is blocked and you can’t use your phone except to dial an emergency number.
  • You must obtain a PIN Unblocking Key (PUK) from your carrier to unblock the SIM and set a new PIN.
  • Dial the following, replacing “PUK” with the PUK from your carrier and replacing both instances of “PIN” with a 4- to 8-digit PIN of your choosing:

Step 3:Turn off the phone:

  • Press & hold the Power button until a menu opens.
  • Touch Power off in the menu.
  • Touch OK when asked to confirm that you want to turn off the phone.

This is an what overall instruction and steps for turning on and off google nexus s.Stay tune with us according to topic.

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