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How to Format memory card on Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you have many files in Memory card and want to Remove all then it very hard and time consuming to do one by one but you can do this with one click, you can Format your memory card of Samsug Galaxy Tab. it will Delete all the Data of Memory card.

Before Formatting memory card of Galaxy Tab take complete Backup of All the important data once it format there is no way to backup it. so its Advice to take backup of important data.

Follow the Below Given Step to Format Memory card of Samsung Galaxy Tab:

Step 1 : From a Home screen, press the Menu Key >> Settings >> SD card and device storage

Step 2 : Touch Unmount SD card. At the prompt, touch OK to continue.

Step 3 : After unmounting the SD card, touch Format SD card.

Step 4 : Follow the prompts to confirm the formatting of the card.

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