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How to Fix iPhone 4S Wi-Fi issues

Many iPhone user facing Wi-Fi Problem using Personal Hotspot, we faced wifi freezes after like evey 15- 20 mins. by freeze i mean it stays connected but that nothing works i dont lose singals or anything but internet stops working on the phone then i have turn off the wifi and connect it again to make it work for another 10-20 mins, and then i tried following guidelines and it works. If you have same kind of problem or other then just follow our Guidelines and fix issue related Wi-Fi.
images4 How to Fix iPhone 4S Wi Fi issues
How to Fix iPhone 4S Wi-Fi issues :

  • Step 1 : Turn Personal Hotspot off.
  • Step 2 : Verify Wi-Fi is on in Settings > Wi-Fi.
  • Step 3 : Turn Personal Hotspot back on.
  • Step 4 : If another device is unable to join your Wi-Fi network, ensure that the user enters the Wi-Fi password correctly. If the device cannot see your Wi-Fi network, verify your device name.
  • (Note :Windows may not properly display a device name that uses non-ASCII characters.)
  • Step 5 : Verify how many devices are currently using your Personal Hotspot. Depending on your wireless carrier, the maximum number of Wi-Fi connections may be limited to three at one time.
  • Step 6 : If the other device still cannot connect, try turning Wi-Fi off and on again on the device. Verify that your device can see other Wi-Fi networks.

If you leave the Personal Hotspot screen or put iPhone to sleep, iPhone only broadcasts the Wi-Fi network for an additional 90 seconds. If no devices join the Wi-Fi network during that time, iPhone stops broadcasting your Wi-Fi network. You can start broadcasting your Wi-Fi network again by tapping Settings > Personal Hotspot.

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