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Download RedsnOw 0.9.6rc18

iPhone Dev Team updates RedsnOw 0.9.6rc18, which is Download available now to jailbreak iOS 4.3.3  and iOS 4.2.8 untethered. RedsnOw 0.9.6rc18 supports Phone3GS, iPhone4 (GSM), iPhone4 (CDMA), iPod touch 3G, iPod touch 4G, iPad1 and AppleTV2G (v4.3 8F202…see update #2 below for the v4.3 8F305 bundle).Unfortunately RedsnOw 0.9.6rc18 does not supports iPad 2, so can’t jailbreak iPad 2 running iOS 4.3.3 using RedsnOw 0.9.6rc18.

images4 Download RedsnOw 0.9.6rc18

iPhone Dev Team updates on Untethered jailbreak iOS 4.3.3 :

Update #2:  Apple released a minor update to iOS 4.3 for AppleTV2G (the IPSW name still says 4.3, but the build version changed from 8F202 to 8F305).  @i0n1c was once again able to quickly port his original 4.3.1 untether (the exploit that wouldn’t die!) to this version.

If you do feel like updating to the “new” 4.3, you’ll need to drop this bundle into the correct folder in PwnageTool.app.  If you don’t know how to do that, there are lots of tutorials on the web, and we’d be glad to help in the comments below.

Thanks once again, @i0n1c!

Update #3: We’ve updated redsn0w (0.9.6rc18) to also include the Verizon iPhone4-CDMA iOS version 4.2.8 untether (which uses the HFS exploit).

Download RedsnOw 0.9.6rc18 for Windows

Download RedsnOw 0.9.6rc18 for Mac Os

Well, iPad 2 does not gets jailbreak Untethered using RedsnOw 0.9.6rc18, so one more time disappointment for iPad 2 users. But iPhone Dev Team working on iPad 2 jailbreak expects it will release very soon.

Stay tune with us for more details on RedsnOw and don’t forget to like our Facebook Profile.

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  1. I am trying to jailbreak my Iphone 4 version 4.2.8.

    I downloaded two programs:

    SnowBreeze & Redsn0w 0.9rc18 for windows. When I get to the application part of Redsn0w I click on run and it prompts me to enter the IPSW for the current firmware.

    Where is this? What is it? Am I missing a step?

  2. hi2all
    i nee your help
    i have iPhone cdma
    version 5.0.1 (9A405)
    Carrier Verizon 11.2
    model MC677LL
    Modem Firmware 3.0.03
    please telll me how can i connect to pc and write spc and prl’s
    thanks in advance
    take care of you all

  3. Where i find my correspounding ISPW for my current firmware?

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