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iOS 7.1.1 Now Labels Apps with ‘In-App Purchases’ in Top Charts and Featured Sections


iOS 7.1.1, released  earlier today, Apple has fulfilled some minor changes to the iOS App Store to make it more clear which apps offer in app purchases. Apple has delivered an “Offers In-App Purchases” release on individual app detail pages since March of 2013, but now the App Store has been modernize to include a small “In-App Purchases” report for ... Read More »

With this tech get organized for keeping track of your stuff

get orgenised

How typically have you misplaced your phone, had your laptop swiped whereas your back was turned or ever lost your keys? Basic lost-and-found Trackers Perhaps the most common and not costly kind of lost-and-found answer involves tagging your property with some quite small tracker, which appears like a keychain however may take the form of a large sticker. Most of those lost-and-found solutions do very little quite combine those trackers with Bluetooth-enabled device (usually an iPhone or android phone) and through an app of some type, alert you once the item has gone out of vary. You hear an alert once the phone will now not detect the tagged item. The matter is that you just currently understand the item ... Read More »

Firechat lets user chat without a data connection now launched for android

firechat android

A new mobile messaging application referred to as FireChat is empowering near smartphone users to remain in touch even once there is no cellular service or web connection. In just time period since its release on the iPhone, FireChat already provide a of hope for individuals yearning for more practical, secure and to communicate ways in which to speak. That is as a result of the free messaging app harnesses a technology referred to as wireless mesh networking, which could sometime enable a myriad of devices to attach like links in a chain. The technique would possibly sometime be wont to tie along thousands of ... Read More »

With this learn way to print office for the ipad documents

ios ducument

So, what does one do if you would like to print an office document from your iPad. Well, the answer is to seek out an App that may try this for you. There are range of Apps that may allow you to print from your iPad, however getting to specialize in 2 of them that provide 2 completely different solutions for a way to print office for the iPad documents. The first is termed Printer pro and it’s created by Readdle. It itself prices $6.99 though there’s a free lite version that you just will download to see if it’ll work along with your printer thus you don’t ought to pay the freight to seek out out. Printer pro works with any Apps that ... Read More »

With new Features and fixes iwork apps for ios,mac and icloud updated

iwork icloud

Apple updated its iWork apps for iCloud, iOS and mac. The update has return inside a week of Microsoft’s release of the office productivity suite for iPad. Apple has updated 3 iWork apps – Pages, Numbers, and Keynote – for iCloud with some enhancements. These updated paid apps are now additionally offered for download on iTunes App Store and mac App Store. The updated Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps improved retina display support and convey updated styles for document, spreadsheet and presentation editors. It’s additionally added the new sharing possibility that enables users to ... Read More »

Create automatically Photo Books in iPhoto


The iPhoto provides an automatic picture book layout capability that helps you assemble a book from a photograph album, an event, or a particular set of images. You will then print the picture book on a colour printer, use it because the basis for a slideshow, or order a professionally written and sure version. Your first step is to decide on photos for the photo book. Browse Events, Photos, Faces, Places, Recent collections, or picture albums within the source pane, and choose one or additional photos for the book. You will additionally choose a whole event or a photograph album to form a book of ... Read More »

Apple iphone’s new feature ‘transparent texting’ allows you text and walk

walk and text

US tech giant Apple has filed patent for new technology aiming creating texting whereas walking safer by exchange the text background with a live video feed of no matter is ahead of the smartphone user. Many smartphone users keep their eyes affixed to the screens whereas texting and walking which might cause them to stumble over or stumble upon obstacles. Apple’s ‘transparent texting’ aims to resolve this downside by overlaying messages on a live video feed from the rear camera of the smartphone. This will enable users to ... Read More »

When you tap your phone on the wall this app magically creates a floor plan

Room sscan

App developers are perpetually imagining up innovative ways in which to require advantage of the rising technologies at their disposal, RoomScan, at the iOS App Store is kind of in contrast to something we have previously stumbled across. In a shell this of cracking very little utility will automatically project a floor plan of an area when being command against its walls for simply a couple of seconds. This intriguing app works its magic, furthermore as however you’ll be able to get of it, right when the break. The app, created by Locometric, offers an ideal solution for those wanting to require down measurements of a ... Read More »

Microsoft Office for iPad Released now download free subscription to edit

iPad microsft

Not before time, Microsoft has taken the wraps off office for iPad, comprising of 3 apps: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It’s truthful to mention that a decent portion of iPad users are crying out for an office app since the first slate launched back in 2010, however within the past four years, several have currently become familiar with the iWork suite of Keynote, Numbers and Pages. Having fully grown therefore bored with looking ahead to Microsoft to induce its act along, several former office users have since accustomed themselves to Apple iWork and alternative alternatives, and since the new office can operate under a subscription ... Read More »

Monitoring and Optimizing memory in Mac

memory in Mac

The common painful experience all the computer users get is the slowdown of the computer. There is simply no other option but to keep waiting. The most common culprit for this slowdown is the case of the system memory being stretched to limit. Now there is a solution to all this, a software called ‘Memory diag’.  For the  users of ... Read More »

Your Old Android Devices Haunting You on the google Play Store? Delete it with few steps

Android Devices

In the same means during which Google keeps track of apps you download, it additionally keeps a record of all of your android devices. This could get confusing therefore here’s to delete android devices from Google Play store. In my list the number of devices is somewhat extreme since I review android phones and tablets. But if you have sold or lost a previous android device then you most likely don’t need to check it once you are on the Google Play store. Therefore removing it’ll save confusion and avoid apps being sent you a ... Read More »

For Android Read Faster with 3 Spritz like speed reading apps

3 Spritz like speed reading apps

Whether you’re trying to check out however a new phone feature can work, or you are specifically seeking the Spritz reading experience, try these 3 apps for your android device. When the Samsung Galaxy S5 was declared, details emerged concerning Spritz — a speed-reading feature that comes inbuilt to some apps on the phone. Spritz uses fast serial visual presentation, or RSVP, to show words one once. The company calls this time the ORP or the optimum recognition point. If you do not need to attend to see out the software on the new Galaxy S5, you’ll strive it currently with one in every of these 3 android apps: A FASTER READER Once put ... Read More »

Using Head Gestures On iOS 7 Control Your iPhone

Gestures On iOS 7  iPhone

You may or might not are aware, however since the introduction of iOS seven, users are ready to control bound aspects of the mobile OS using solely head gestures. The implementation is meant to create the iOS device vary a lot of accessible for people who mightn’t be ready to move with the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch during a  lot of ancient manner, however is additionally, as i believe you may agree, a fairly cool little feature. With iOS 7.1 having free to the general public earlier on within the week, we’ve slowly however for sure been familiarising ourselves with a number of the smaller changes that ... Read More »

How to create own media server iPhone with Plex?

Phone with Plex

 On the net there are many services for organizing your media, however each currently then one pops up that basically goes the additional mile to produce a higher experience. This is the case with Plex that permits you to form your own ‘server’ using your mac or iOS device to stream your media to alternative devices connected via apps. Here’s a higher inspect Plex and the way it all works along. Setting Up Your Content Server Step 1: the primary issue you’ve got to try to to is head to the Plex web site on your mac or alternative pc that you simply can use as ... Read More »

Export Playlists and Music from iPhone, iPod or iPad to Computer


For copying music from an iPhone, iPad or iPod to a directory on your pc then 1st open up the  iExplorer on your laptop or mac. Then, move and connect your handset with its USB cable to your pc. Once the device is connected, iTunes could prompt you to sync your device – click “No” or “Cancel.” Till all of your music are transferred back to into iTunes we tend to suggest that you simply avoid syncing the device ... Read More »

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